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We are the auditory neuroscience lab at the Ohio State University's Department of Speech & Hearing Science. We study the connection between speech, language, and music in the brain.

Recent News

Research Paper Highlight

Dr. Lee's most recent research publication, "Differences in Hearing Acuity among “Normal-Hearing” Young Adults Modulate the Neural Basis for Speech Comprehension", is being featured in multiple news sources. Check out this US News Article by Stacey Colino and this OSU article by Misti Crane.

OSLHA Spontaneous Rhythm Tapping Presentation

Kate Corbeil presented her study: "'Tapping' into the etiology of pediatric communication disorders: Spontaneous rhythm tapping predicts auditory working memory" at the 72nd Annual OSLHA Convention on March 24.

Special Announcement

Congratualtions to SLAMERS Matt Heard and Geoff Green for gaining acceptace to Graduate programs at OSU! Matt will be participating in the Neursience Gradautate Program (NGP) with an OSU University Fellowship, and Geoff will be pursuing a Phd. in Speech Engineering Science with a Graduate Enrichment Fellowship. Kudos to both for remaining buckeyes!


Below are some of our hightlighted works. Click 'more' to browse through a complete list our past and present research.

Rhythm and Speech Perception

Changes in Neural Activity Following Cochlea Implant (CI)

Non-Invasive Rhythm Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Our Team

Learn about our members and how each contribute to the heartbeat of our lab.

Dr. Yune S. Lee



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Kevie Bovaird

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Research Associate


Sanghoon Ahn



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