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We are the auditory neuroscience lab at the Ohio State University's Department of Speech & Hearing Science. We study the connection between speech, language, and music in the brain.
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Recent Events

Arlington Court Nursing Home Seminar

Aeisha and Yune gave a public seminar titled "The Brain Music and Well-Bing: The BMW theory" at the Arlington Court Nursing Home on July 21st.

2017 Brain Health and Performance Summit “Arts & Rehabilitation” Panel

Chronic Brain Injury sponsored the “Arts & Rehabilitation” panel on April 28, 2017 at the 2017 Global Brain Health & Performance Summit, where Dr. Yune S. Lee participated as a panalist.

“Aging in Community” International Standardization Symposium

On April 14, 2017, Dr. Yune S. Lee ( Assistant Professor, Ohio State Univ.) spoke about “Neural compensation supporting successful communication in normal aging”.


Below are some of our hightlighted works. Click 'more' to browse through a complete list our past and present research.

Rhythm and Speech Perception

Changes in Neural Activity Following Cochlea Implant (CI)

Non-Invasive Rhythm Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease Patients

Our Team

Learn about our members and how each contribute to the heartbeat of our lab.

Dr. Yune S. Lee



(614) 292-1743

Matthew Heard

Lab Manager


(214) 458-7255

Geoff Green

Research Associate


(314) 413-4034

Sanghoon Ahn

Undergraduate Student


(614) 495-6425

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