• April 5

    Brain Health & Performance Summit

    Dr. Yune S. Lee presented the Ohio State Lightning Talks at the Brain Health and Performance Summit from 1-1:50 pm.

  • March 24

    OSLHA Spontaneous Rhythm Tapping Presentation

    Kate Corbeil presented her study: "'Tapping' into the etiology of pediatric communication disorders: Spontaneous rhythm tapping predicts auditory working memory" at the 72nd Annual OSLHA Convention.

  • March 14

    Traumatic Brain Injury Summit

    Yune Lee presented his work on traumatic brain injury at the Brain Injury Association of Ohio’s 2018 TBI Summit, sponsored by CBI.

  • December 18

    Shimadzu Grant

    SLAM Lab recieved a $380k grant from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. to fund for a purchase towards a LabNIRS system.

  • November 13

    Rhythm Sensitivity Presentation

    Sanghoon Ahn presented his research, "Rhythm sensitivity assists in overcoming acoustic and syntactic challenges during speech listening", in Baltimore, MD.

  • July 21

    Arlington Court Nursing Home Seminar

    Aeisha and Yune gave a public seminar titled "The Brain Music and Well-Bing: The BMW theory" at the Arlington Court Nursing Home.

  • April 28

    2017 Brain Health and Performance Summit “Arts & Rehabilitation” Panel

    Chronic Brain Injury sponsored the “Arts & Rehabilitation” panel on April 28, 2017 at the 2017 Global Brain Health & Performance Summit, where Dr. Yune S. Lee participated as a panalist.

  • April 14

    “Aging in Community” International Standardization Symposium

    Dr. Yune S. Lee ( Assistant Professor, Ohio State Univ.) spoke about “Neural compensation supporting successful communication in normal aging”.

  • April 11

    Shimadzu LC-MS Equipment Grant

    SLAM Lab and the OSU Center for Brain Injury received an equipment grant from Shimadzu Scientific Instruments, Inc. towards the purchase of a LightNIRS system.

  • April 8

    SLAM Lab at ShowOHI/O

    The app development team for Therabeat demonstrated their project at the 2017 ShowOHIO.

  • March 31

    Congratulations to Sanghoon!

    Sanghoon has received a summer research fellowship in support of his work.