SLAM lab's mission is to provide valuable and interesting findings about speech, language, and music (SLAM) to the scientific and public community.

Meet the Team

Here are the unique individuals that work hard to make our vision happen.


Dr. Yune S. Lee

(614) 292-1743

Dr. Yune S. Lee, Ph.D. in Cognitive Neuroscience, is the Director of SLAM Lab and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science & Center for Brain Injury at the Ohio State University. His research interests include:

  • Neural and cognitive connections among speech, language, and music (SLAM),
  • Music-based NeuroRehabilitation in brain injury (aphasia, TBI, etc.) and hearing loss/disorders (Cochlear Implant, Tinnitus, etc.), Functional Neuroimaging (fMRI, fNIRS, PET, etc.).

If you are interested in pursuing or participating in SLAM Lab research, you may contact him by phone at (614) 292-1743, by email at, or through this form.

Awarded (chronological order)

Investigating compensatory language processes prompt by rhythm video game therapy

Agency: Chronic Brain Injury, Discovery Themes, OSU
Role: PI
Direct cost: $50,000
Duration: 01/01/2017 – 12/31/2017

The Humanities and the Arts Travel Grant Program

Agency: Global Arts and Humanities, Discovery Themes, OSU
Role: co-I (PI: David Huron)
Direct cost: $10,000
Duration: 08/01/2017 – 09/01/2017

OSU Social and Behavioral Sciences Small Grant Program

Agency: College of Arts and Sciences, OSU
Role: PI
Direct cost: $4,000
Duration: 09/01/2017 – 8/31/2017

Application of fNIRS to neuroscience research of speech, language, and music

Agency: Shimadzu Scientific Instrument
Role: PI
Direct cost: $380,000
Duration: 12/18/2017 – 12/17/2018

OSU Pilot Neuroimaging Grant

Agency: College of Arts and Sciences, OSU
Role: PI
Direct cost: $25,000
Duration: 06/01/2018 – 05/31/2019

Connection between music and language skills in Korean children

Agency: Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology
Role: co-I (PI: Kyung-Myun Lee)
Direct cost: $20,000
Duration: 09/01/2018 – 08/31/2020

OSU Social and Behavioral Sciences Special Grant

Agency: College of Arts and Sciences, OSU
Role: PI
Direct cost: $4,000
Duration: 09/22/2018 – 09/21/2019

TRIPODS + X Project: An MBI TGDA + Neuro Program for Undergraduates

Agency: National Scientific Foundation (Grant No: NSF-CCF 1839356)
Role: co-I (PI: Janet Best)
Direct cost: $200,000
Duration: 09/01/2018 – 08/31/2020

Brain-based evaluation of SoundMind – a computerized cognitive training program

Agency: Tech Incubator Program for Startup (TIPS) in Korea
Role: PI (sub-contract)
Direct cost: $500,000
Duration: 01/01/2019 – 12/31/2019

A novel Parkinson’s disease therapy program for the Columbus community

Agency: OSU Connect & Collaborate Grant Program
Role: PI
Direct cost: $29,000
Duration: 09/01/2019 – 8/31/2020

Powerless, Wireless, and Nontoxic Bio-telemetry Sensor and Communication System

Agency: Korea Polytechnic University
Role: Consultant (PI: Jae-Young Chung)
Direct cost: $300,000
Duration: 02/01/2018 – 01/31/2021

Research Assistants

Havovi Desai

Havovi graduated from Ohio State in 2018 with degrees in psychology and music. She's passionate about jazz studies and plays the flute, saxophone, and trumpet. She is a member of C row in the OSU Marching Band. Havovi plans to pursue a Master's in Music Therapy in the coming years, and has been very involved in research since her undergraduate years. She successfully defended her thesis, The Relationship Between Resting Heart Rate Variability and Music Listening Preferences, and hopes to continue advancing literature in the field of music and neuroscience.

Kevie Bovaird

Kevie received her B.M. in Percussion Performance from The Ohio State University, and is currently working on finishing a Bachelor’s in Music Education and a minor in Neuroscience. She is fascinated by the neural underpinnings of music cognition, and is currently working on the Basic Aptitude of Music (BAM) test, a short music aptitude measure. Her hobbies include playing drum set in the band Ultraviolet Pilot, playing a tabletop RPG called Pathfinder (a popular version of Dungeons & Dragons) and reading. Her favorite author is Terry Pratchett.

Graduate Students

Undergraduate Students



Caroline Conway

Kate Corbeil

Sanghoon Ahn


Aiesha Polakampalli

Korrin Perry

Jihyung Kil

Computer Science and Engineering graduate student, OSU. Pursuing Ph.D.

Allison Byrer

B.A. in Psychology, Ohio State University.

Runzhou Cao

Masters in Computer Science Program, Columbia University. Pursuing Ph.D.